Trachtman & Trachtman, LLP Recovers Several Million Dollars for Subcontractor in Construction Payment Claim

Facts: One of Trachtman & Trachtman, LLP’s prized subcontractor clients worked on a $200,000,000 high rise luxury project in Nevada. At the end of the project, our client had not been paid significant monies owed for base contract and/or retention. Further, our client had not been paid for change order work involving close to 100 hotly-contested additional tasks not included in its base contract.

After filing a mechanic’s lien, a suit for breach of contract, foreclosure of mechanic’s lien and common counts, Ben Trachtman worked very closely with our client’s senior officers and field personnel to prosecute the action. The matter was moved to binding arbitration where three of the Construction Industry’s top arbitrators (all from different states) were impaneled to decide the matter. Some of the preeminent construction attorneys in the Country were retained to represent the Owner, General Contractor and other Subcontractor claimants. The main defendant, the Owner, alleged that it was owed several million dollars in credits for work not performed or for non-compliant work that required removal and re-installation. Our client vigorously disputed the validity of these offset claims.

On behalf of our client, Ben Trachtman participated in over 52 days of binding arbitration hearings spanning several months.

Outcome: After prevailing, via favorable Interim Awards on the vast bulk of the claims being asserted during the arbitration, Ben Trachtman was able to procure a settlement of several million dollars on behalf of our client. Trachtman & Trachtman, LLP’s client was very happy with the result.