Litigation Practice

Litigation is the cornerstone of Trachtman & Trachtman, LLP. We litigate a wide array of business, construction and tort disputes. On the business side, we represent a wide variety of preeminent companies and service professionals who are embroiled in complex commercial disputes. In our construction practice, we have the honor of representing some of the most successful construction companies in the United States both on sophisticated private projects and large-scale public and/or GSA works. Finally, in our tort practice, we are the “go-to” counsel for some of the most recognizable and iconic companies in the country. Our attorneys have successfully tried cases in both federal and state courts in and outside of California. The following list is a representative sample of the types of matters that we adroitly handle:

Business and Commercial Law

We litigate a wide array of business disputes that arise out of breach of contract; Commercial Code violations; service agreements; copyright and/or trademark infringement; partnership disputes; commercial lease disputes; embezzlement; misappropriation of trade secrets; unfair competition; and many other claims.

Construction Law

We represent our clients on virtually every type of dispute that can occur on a construction site including payment disputes; performance disputes; mechanic's liens, bond claims; cost overruns; delay and inefficiency claims, bid protests; solicitation and procurement disputes; construction defects and construction site accidents.

Tort Law

We litigate nearly all forms of tort disputes involving personal injuries and/or property damage in the areas of premises and product liability; transportation (trucking and bus) accidents; car accidents; construction site accidents; construction defects; trade libel; fraud/misrepresentation; and defamation. We also defend a variety of professional negligence claims. We focus on aggressively protecting our clients’ interests via our vigilant prosecution of risk-shifting express indemnity provisions and additional insured tenders.

Transactional Practice

While we are primarily a litigation firm, Trachtman & Trachtman, LLP also assists and counsels many of its clients in structuring various business arrangements. We have extensive experience in contract negotiation and preparation. Specifically, we draft many varieties of business agreements including construction agreements, professional service contracts and commercial leases. We help guide our clients through the negotiation and contract consummation phases for these transactions.